Ticor University

Oregon Real Estate Agents are required to get 30 hours of education for your Real Estate License. It is required to get these 30 hours of continued education every two years…At least 15 of which must be an approved CORE class hours. 

We do everything that we can to help you stay licensed as a Realtor…Heck, without you we wouldn’t be here!

Because of that we offer to you Real Estate classes for you to attend. We call them Ticor University. Each month you will find our upcoming class for the next month. All you have to do is e-mail me to RSVP and then show up.

You will also need other education to supplement our classes. There are some great options below.

We hope you find this service to be of value. We would love to see your face at one of our classes…It's our way of investing in YOU!

Check out the Upcoming Classes tab for the latest Ticor University classes as well as PMAR classes.

Here are some other resources to get your credit hours:





New Oregon brokers must take the 30-hour Advanced Real Estate Practices (AP) course for their first license renewal.
The AP course requirement is separate from continuing education requirements.  Principal brokers may let affiliated brokers use the AP course to meet the continuing education requirements for license renewal. 
Principal brokers, sole practitioner brokers and property managers are not required to take the AP course.
When affiliated brokers complete the AP course, the course certificate must be given to their principal broker. These certificates should be maintained as they are for continuing education.